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Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

We welcome and respect everyone regardless of age, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, income, religion, race, colour or disability.

Volunteers, workers, parents/carers, children and young people all have the right to be protected from discrimination. This right should run through all No Toy Left Behind activities and decisions.

We recognise, respect and value diversity for the benefit of all the people we work with and the organisation. 


The purpose of this policy is to:

• promote equality of opportunity

• celebrate and value diversity

• eliminate unlawful direct and indirect discrimination

No Toy Left Behind recognises that certain groups and individuals are at risk of being unfairly discriminated against for many reasons, including: age, appearance, class, colour, culture, disability, employment status, ethnicity, nationality, political belief, race, social class, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation or size.

Every aspect of our work is informed and enhanced by equality issues. We are committed to providing an environment free of stereotypical and oppressive beliefs, attitudes and practises. If any discrimination is identified, we will take positive steps to counter this.

We recognise that each person is an individual with their own skills and abilities and we will seek to respond to the needs of each individual in a way that is fair and equitable. 

We recognise that there is diversity in family life, education, faith and culture. We undertake to embrace and celebrate such differences in ways that make our organisation better for everyone involved. We value and encourage the participation and contribution of individuals, regardless of age, class, disability, ethnic background, faith, gender and sexual orientation. We recognise that people with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perceptions. We believe that life is positively enriched for us all by the diversity of individuals in society and that everyone has a valuable contribution to make. 

Children, young people, volunteers, workers and directors are supported in challenging any behaviour or ways of doing things which go against the policy or the spirit of the policy.

We will monitor the effectiveness of this policy.

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